U.S. Tax Court Announces e-Filing Pilot

The United States Tax Court will begin a pilot eFiling program through Practitioner Access and Petitioner Access on May 7, 2009.

The pilot will be restricted to petitioners and practitioners in good standing with the Court who have registered for eAccess, agreed to its Terms of Use, and consented to eService. The pilot applies to all cases first calendared for trial or hearing after August 31, 2009.

For example, if you have registered for Practitioner Access, consented to eService, and your case is first calendared for trial or hearing on September 21, 2009, you may eFile in that case during the pilot, but not if the case was set for hearing or trial before September 1, 2009. You can also participate in the pilot if your case has not been set for trial. If your case is set for trial or hearing before September 1, 2009, you may not eFile in that case during the pilot.

Please note that eFiling in a particular case can be commenced only after the petition has been filed with the Tax Court in that case. All petitions must be submitted to the Court in paper form.