Requests For Extension Of Time To File Partnership Tax Return

In an announcement made on July 1, 2008, the Internal Revenue Service determined that the deadline for extension requests filed by partnerships, including those formed in California, will be shortened by one month. For partnerships whose year ends on or after September 30, 2008, a calendar-year partnership requesting an extension on Form 7004 to file a partnership tax return (Form 1065) will have an extension granted to September 15th instead of to October 15th as it used to be.

The reason is that partnerships must issue K-1 forms when their Form 1065 is filed. Until now, a partner (who needs the K-1 form to file his own individual income tax return) might get the K-1 form after his or her own extended deadline.

That problem is avoided by having the partnership deadline end a month earlier. Partners will now have at least a month before their own extended deadline in which to incorporate their K-1 forms.