Pennies On The Dollar – NOT!

JK Harris & Co. – “the nation’s largest tax representation firm” – is in bankruptcy. It may stop trying to restructure its business to liquidating its business instead.

This case shows how hard it can be to settle tax disputes for “pennies on the dollar“. JK Harris advertised that it could resolve people’s tax debts for “pennies on the dollar.” It appears that it had its own problems: the cost of large settlements related to multiple claims that it misled consumers. In many cases, attorneys general complained that the company told consumers it could resolve their tax problems, and took their payments, when no such relief was possible for those particular clients.

Its own employees have now become creditors for unpaid wages. No doubt it has payroll tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service because if it didn’t pay wages, it probably didn’t pay payroll taxes. It probably won’t qualify for a settlement involving pennies on the dollar.

Company founder and Chief Executive Officer John K. Harris will likely be assessed by the IRS for all the unpaid trust fund taxes owed to the government if any are due and he’s found to be both willful and responsible for nonpayment. His personal assets will probably be subject to tax claims made by the Internal Revenue Service.

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