Organization Of The IRS

Do you have a tax problem with the IRS but can’t easily navigate through the government bureaucracy? Are you considering using a California tax attorney to negotiate around the tax maze? Do you want a glimpse of what the IRS structure is so as get answers to your tax controversy? Well, please keep reading….

In 1998 Congress enacted the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act prompting a comprehensive reorganization and modernization of the IRS. The IRS reorganized itself to closely resemble the private sector model of organizing around customers with similar needs.

The IRS is divided into three commissioner-level organizations to support its structure and ensure accountability:


Specialized IRS units report directly to the Commissioner’s office. The IRS Chief Counsel also reports to the Treasury General Counsel on certain matters.

Commissioner, Internal Revenue – Kevin M. Brown, Acting
IRS Chief Counsel – Donald L. Korb
Appeals – Sarah Hall Ingram, Chief
Taxpayer Advocate Service – Nina E. Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity – Diane Crothers, Chief
Research, Analysis, and Statistics – Mark Mazur, Director
Communications and Liaison – Frank Keith, Chief

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support

The Deputy Commissioner reports directly to the Commissioner and oversees the integrated IRS support functions, facilitating economy of scale efficiencies and better business practices:

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support – Linda Stiff
Modernization and Information Technology Services – Richard A. Spires, Chief Information Officer
Agency-Wide Shared Services – James P. Falcone, Chief
Mission Assurance and Security Services – Daniel Galik, Chief
Human Capital Officer – Robert Buggs, Chief
Chief Financial Officer – Janice J. Lambert, Chief

Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement

The Deputy Commissioner reports directly to the Commissioner and oversees the four primary operating divisions and other service and enforcement functions:

Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement – Kevin M. Brown
Wage and Investment Division – Richard J. Morgante, Commissioner
Large and Mid-Size Business Division – Deborah M. Nolan, Commissioner
Small Business/Self Employed Division – Kathy Petronchak, Commissioner
Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division – Steven T. Miller, Commissioner
Criminal Investigation – Eileen C. Mayer
Office of Professional Responsibility – Stephen Whitlock, Acting Director

See the basic structure of today’s IRS in this picture of the IRS Organizational Chart.

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