IRS Sells Real And Personal Property At Government Auctions

Unpaid individual income taxes and other unpaid federal taxes may be satisfied by the sale of property seized by the IRS.

Under authority of the Internal Revenue Code, the property described in the IRS website has been seized or acquired for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes and will be sold. The IRS posts legal notices covering the nature of title, redemption rights, effect of junior encumbrances, title offered, and forms of payment before making a bid.

The types of property sold are listed under the headings below and each state in the U.S. may contain some or all of these types of property for sale.

Internet Domain Names
Real Estate
Real Estate – Seeking Guaranteed Bids
Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Collectibles and Luxury Items
Misc. Property – Quick Notice Sales – Seeking Bidders
Household Goods – Personal Property
Commercial/Industrial Property, Equipment and Supplies
Financial Instruments, Notes, Patents
Automobiles, Motorcycles, Trucks and Boats
Liquor Licenses
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