IRS E-mails

WARNING: be on the alert for phone calls and e-mails you may receive claiming to come from the IRS or other federal agency and which mention your tax refund or economic stimulus payment. A scam is likely to be in the making. The scam’s purpose is to obtain personal and financial information – such as your Social Security number, name, credit card or even PIN numbers and bank account information to use to commit identity theft. The e-mails and calls usually state that the IRS needs the information to process a refund or stimulus payment or deposit it into the taxpayer’s bank account. The e-mails often contain links or attachments to what appears to be the IRS Web site or an IRS “refund application form.” Don’t be fooled no matter how genuine in appearance.

The IRS does not send taxpayers e-mails about their tax accounts. Additionally, the way to get a tax refund or stimulus payment, or to arrange for a direct deposit, is to file a tax return.

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