Installment Agreement – Online Payment Agreement

Don’t call a tax attorney for tax help if your tax problem is that you owe $25,000 or less in combined tax, penalties, and interest. You can use the online payment agreement (OPA) application to request a payment agreement.

Often, the application allows you to qualify, apply for an installment agreement, and receive immediate notification of approval. Sometimes you will need to mail in paperwork or speak with the Internal Revenue Service before they can determine your eligibility for an installment agreement. If that is the case, the OPA application will give you an address or a toll-free phone number to reach them.

The information you need to have when using the Online Payment Agreement is here.

The IRS even explains the three payment options you have.

If you want to know when to call the IRS, check here.

For less than $25,000 in tax, penalties and interest, do not call a tax attorney.