Independent Contractor Withholding

The California Franchise Tax Board offers free webinars and the one on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, at 10 a.m. (PST) is designed for those who must withhold on California source income payments to resident and nonresident independent contractors. The FTB webinar will take a look at:

• The basics of resident and nonresident independent contractor withholding, including backup withholding.

• A summary of the three phases of withholding and what to do before payment (FTB Forms 587, 588, 589, 590), at the time of payment, and after payment of California source income to independent contractors (FTB Forms 592, 592-V, 592-B).

• How the FTB is preparing for process changes that will occur when it implements its new, automated withholding system in late 2010.

• Withholding resources and contact information you can use at any time.

Each webinar is approximately 40 minutes.