FTB Publicizes Names Of Delinquent Taxpayers

Is your name on the list? Keep it off!

The California Franchise Tax Board is going after taxpayers who owe about $200,000 up to almost $27 million in back income taxes by listing their names and debts on the agency’s website. California Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19195 directs the Franchise Tax Board to publish an annual list of the top 250 taxpayers with liened state income tax delinquencies greater than $100,000.

Of California’s roughly 20 million taxpayers, about 250 owe huge debts. Before the FTB publishes the list, each taxpayer who may potentially be on the list gets a letter which provides them an opportunity to voluntarily settle their liability.

The notification letters, titled Notice of Public Disclosure, provide taxpayers 30 days to pay their debts or obtain FTB approval to make installment payments, pay the liability in full, enter into an Offer in Compromise, or substantiate a bankruptcy filing.

The California State Board of Equalization is also required by law to post similar information concerning back sales and use taxes every quarter, removing amounts that are being addressed through bankruptcy, payment arrangement, appeal or litigation.

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