Do You Have A Tax Dispute?

Do you have a tax dispute? If you are a California resident, you probably do. But since the IRS reaches across the world in its efforts to collect a tax debt, anyone anywhere can have a tax problem.

If so, then you need to determine if Appeals is right for you.

Appeals is the place for you if:

You received an IRS correspondence explaining you have the right to come to Appeals to dispute an IRS decision.


You do not agree and are not signing an agreement form sent to you.

If you meet the above qualifiers listed above then you may be ready to request an Appeals conference or hearing.

If you’ve received an IRS correspondence and already know your case qualifies to be reviewed with Appeals then you should go to the Appeals homepage to determine your next steps.

You are ready to request an Appeals conference or hearing if you can explain why you disagree. If you believe the facts used by the IRS are incorrect, then you should have records or other support available to back up your position.

Appeals is not for you if:

Your only concern is that you cannot afford to pay the amount you owe.

The correspondence you received from the IRS was a bill and there was no mention of Appeals.

If you cannot identify the requirements, or if you do not meet the conditions for coming to Appeals as explained above, contact a qualified tax attorney for help. Call Mitchell A. Port at (310) 559-5259.