Business Programs Through The California Secretary Of State

The Business Entities Section of the California Secretary of State’s office processes filings, maintains records and provides information to the public relating to business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships and other business filings).

Filing Tips: Tips for filing most corporation, limited liability company and limited partnership documents
Forms, Samples & Fees: Forms, document samples and associated fees
FAQs: Answers to the most frequently asked business entity questions
Name Availability: Corporation, limited liability company and limited partnership name availability inquiries and reservations
Annual/Biennial Statements: Corporation and limited liability company statements of information, common interest development association statements and publicly traded disclosure statements
Information Requests: Orders for certificates, copies and status reports
Service Options: Options for online searches and filings, document processing and information requests (for certificates, copies and status reports)

Service of Process: Substituted service of process
Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund: Restitution to victims of corporate fraud

The Secretary of State’s office is often asked what other agencies a business entity may need to contact to ensure proper compliance. This link is a list of the agencies most often referenced.

Need access to California domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations, limited liability company and limited partnership information of record with the California Secretary of State? Click here.

There are several agencies in the State of California that administer a variety of taxes. While other state and local agencies may issue licenses and permits and assess fees or taxes, this link is a list mostly of state agencies that can help determine your tax obligations and provide you with information about tax reporting and taxpayer rights.

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